The “talking stage” before Marriage – Part 1

Aaisha Sabir returns with another piece of writing which details the importance of loyalty and understanding within the initial talking stages of a relationship . In her direct and straight-forward style of writing, Aaisha makes it fully clear that honesty is always the best policy. Continue reading The “talking stage” before Marriage – Part 1

One year of running

Marianna Marcelline writes about a goal she set herself at the beginning of lockdown in 2020 – to run at least 10km. One year on, she has far surpassed her target. Marianna writes about the challenges she has faced, but more importantly, shares the positive things which have kept her going along the way. Continue reading One year of running

Healing- A Bumpy Road

Here, our editor Iqra Ali, describes her past year and a half in a nutshell, and how while people may seem happy, lively and somewhat content with life on the outside, a lot of people have internal struggles that they battle. She hopes it resonates with people who are afraid of uncertainty in any aspect of life. Here is her story of her journey and her healing process… Continue reading Healing- A Bumpy Road

Recognising my Privilege within Rape Recovery

In this moving piece of writing Rebekah Cheung writes candidly about her personal experiences of rape. She reiterates that sexual assault is never the fault of the survivor, regardless of how many times it has happened. She also highlights the disparity in support given to survivors of colour, who still to this day are less likely to be believed because of racial prejudice. Continue reading Recognising my Privilege within Rape Recovery

Representation Matters – that’s why Racists now hate Sainsbury’s

In a powerful piece of writing, Nelson Cummins underlines the immense importance of having ethnic representation on the TV screen. Highlighting the deeply racist response to Sainsbury’s Christmas advert, Cummins says that the representation of Black people and their experiences on shows like the BBC’s Small Axe, are crucial to tackling racist ideologies. Continue reading Representation Matters – that’s why Racists now hate Sainsbury’s